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l did my first Astrophotography workshop with Peter. l highly recommend him for his patience and expert knowledge, it was a really fun and informative night.l came home with some great photos thanks to Peter's expert tuition and assistance.


I was lucky to be part of Peter & Michael's night out at Quialigo NSW. A sensational location I enjoyed the patient & practical time being shown the finer points of creating the methods & how to's of Fine Art Light Painting coupled with Astro Photography. Outstanding night and couldn't recommend more highly this experience. Thanks for building my skillsets.


Have done two workshops with Peter now. I would highly recommend them. Peter happily shares his knowledge, is patient and readily accepts suggestions from the group. Workshops are fun, relaxed and informative without being over the top technical. Thanks Peter. Looking forward to the next one!


The light painting workshop was great! We got to explore all the effects that are possible with different light painting tools (even home made ones worked well) and there was even scope to try out some of own experiments. The location was perfect too. Thanks, Peter!


Peter takes you through settings, composition and taking the shot in a easy and friendly manner. His approach allows you to absorb the information and get great photos. If you have the opportunity, go to his one of his workshops and the immerse yourself in photography. You will notice the difference and I have found him very willing to support you post workshop!


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